Lepaan Matkailu Oy

At Lepaa, we offer you accommodation in historical and unique milieu, in the midst of stunningly beautiful garden landscapes. Our accommodation options range from atmospheric suites to airy double rooms. Through us, you can arrange all kinds of corporate events, from small meetinsg to congresses with over a hundred guests. Lepaa Manor is also a party manor, and its party facilities offer beautiful surroundings where you can hold unforgettable celebrations. The gorgeous and peaceful milieu of Lepaa Manor offers an excellent setting for dining in style on each and every day of the year. We even arrange restaurant and event days that are open to the public. To resfresh yourself, you can relax in the gentle heat of sauna. Between sauna rounds, you can listen to the silence and refresh yourself in the beauty of nature on Lepaanvirta shore. We also offer a variety of program services at the manor. You can e.g. enjoy nature quietly or with more speed, or order Beer tasting and Drink School! Historical setting, friendly first class service, gorgeous lake and park milieu – Lepaa Manor mesmerizes!