Kriipi's Cottages

Kriipi's Cottages is located on the shores of Lake Vanajavesi in the town of Hattula, just north of Hämeenlinna. All four cottages are available to rent all year round and equipped with every modern convenience. You'll be able to admire nature's beauty while sitting in the soothing steam of a wood-burning sauna, savouring the aroma of burning wood and the comforting heat of a fireplace. The stunning beauty of the Kriipi nature preserve and close proximity of the water offer unparalleled opportunities for communing with nature all year round. Rich in fish, Lake Vanajavesi is renowned for its pike-perch. The lake is also home to whitefish, rainbow trout, pike, bream, perch and eel. The outstanding fishing offered by Lake Vanajavei is one of the reasons that its shores have been inhabited since the Stone Age.