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Christmas is coming to Tavastia!

November 4, 2019|

Come and enjoy the Christmas spirit in Tavastia region! Christmastime is filled with sales, charity shows, concerts and Christmas carol events. There is going to be an ice skating rink at the marketplace of [...]

Before nature you can be yourself

July 8, 2019|

As you stand before nature you can be yourself, just the way you are. Nature doesn’t make demands or ask us for anything, but it has a lot to offer. Its only wish is [...]

What does the name of a nature site tell about its history?

June 20, 2019|

During my studies, I specialised in onomastics. It was mind-blowing to realise that the history of place names tells us something about the life in prehistoric times. Any homes that existed a thousand years [...]

Campcraft – what is it good for anymore?

June 14, 2019|

Why would a modern man or woman need fire making or woodworking skills? Wouldn't it be more important to know how to create a Snapchat profile or how to vote? Let’s back up a [...]

Nature experiences for all the senses along the Loppi trails

June 14, 2019|

Nature offers nature-goers experiences for all the senses. We are able to enjoy beautiful landscapes, intoxicating scents and amazing flavours. The forests are filled with edible plants. The advantage of wild herbs is [...]

Chillingly amazing!

March 13, 2019|

A winter swimmer knows what it feels like to take stimulants and sedatives at the same time. That tingling on the skin and warmth radiating from the inside is an addictive sensation that makes [...]

FAM Trip

March 13, 2019|

I was lucky to join a group of travel agents from two Russian cities Moscow and Saint Petersburg on a fascinating two-day trip to Finland’s most beautiful region - Tavastia. The reason for this [...]